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Oklahoma Guest Educator Initiative

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Interested in becoming a guest educator?

The needs of school districts across the state vary, so businesses and employees should connect directly with their individual school district of choice by clicking the link below, which is a State Department of Education portal with contact information for school districts throughout the state. You can search by District Name, City or Zip Code.


Please click the link below to find and connect with your school district!

Questions? Call: 405-839-7207

What is the goal?

Local businesses rally to save schools from closing, keep kids learning and parents working.

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What is the Guest Educator Initiative?

Through this new initiative, businesses will step up to help students stay in-person for school during this challenging time by encouraging their employees to volunteer to be substitute teachers.


It’s good for the community, good for kids and good for business!

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What's the problem?

Oklahoma schools are experiencing staffing shortages

brought on by the recent Covid-19 surge.


School closures negatively impact the economy in the short and long term.  


Various national and global studies have concluded that Covid school closures will lead to long-term reduction in students’ earning power as adults and a long-term reduction in the GDP.  


More immediately, school closures exacerbate the labor shortage businesses are already grappling with as employees are required to stay home from work to accommodate their children’s school schedule. 

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How can businesses help?

Businesses can encourage employees to volunteer as substitute teachers through flexibility in Paid Time Off policies.


Some businesses are permitting employees additional PTO to substitute once or twice a month until this wave of the pandemic has passed and schools can return to a more normal staffing level.

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What are the requirements?

The state requirement is a background check, and most local school districts do not impose additional requirements.


Those who do have additional requirements in normal times can waive them at their own discretion, creating a high degree of flexibility for emergency situations similar to our current circumstances.

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What will I teach?

Teachers typically provide substitutes a lesson and work plan to follow, and schools provide any additional direction needed. There is little to no prep required of the substitute. 


Also, kids love to hear about businesses and jobs. What a unique opportunity to bring the business community directly to children. Teach them what you know about your industry! 

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Interested in becoming a guest educator?

Please click the link below to find and connect with your school district!